Bely Andrei

A. Bely

Bely Andrei (1880-1934), Andrei Bely’s autonym was Boris Bugaev. He was a Russian writer, poet, a distinguished theoretician of Russian Symbolism. His grandfather was a military physician, who served in Georgia for some time. A. Bely’s father was born in Dusheti (Georgia) and he spent his childhood there. From his early childhood A. Bely was carried away by Georgia. The literary circle Argonauts, founded by him in his youthful years and a poem, bearing the same title, were indicative of his keen interest in Colchis. For the first time A. Bely visited Georgia in the spring of 1927. In 1928, in Moscow, he published a book of memoirs based on the diaries of his travels across Georgia (1927, April – July; Route: Tsikhisdziri, Batumi, Mtsvane Kontskhi, Borjomi Gorge, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Georgian Military Road, Kazbegi…). The book depicted Georgian nature, meetings with local writers: Paolo Iashvili, Titsian Tabidze, Valerian Gaprindashvili, Georgy Leonidze, Pavle Ingorokva and their joint travel to Kazbegi. The book described the artistic atmosphere of Tbilisi, its everyday backdrop.

In 1929 A. Bely arrived in Georgia for the second time. He visited Tbilisi, Kojori, Sachkhere, Sokhumi and other places.

A. Bely died in Moscow.