Alexander Imeretinski

A. Imeretinski

Alexander Imeretinski (Bagrationi) (1837-1900), Infantry General of Russian army, descendent of the Kings of Imereti (West Georgia). In 1855 he graduated from the military School of Pages. In 1857 he served in the 14th Regiment of Georgian Grenadiers and participated in the Russian campaign aimed at conquering of Chechnya and Dagestan. In 1859 A. Imeretinski was transferred to the army reserve. In 1861 he returned to the active military service; in 1863 he graduated from the Academy of General Staff. In 1863-64 A. Imeretinski took part in the suppression of Polish uprising. He was appointed the Army Chief of Staff of Warsaw Military District. In 1869 he was granted the rank of Major General. He participated in Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78. In 1877 he was appointed to the position of the Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division. On August 22, 1877 he took over the Lovchi Fortress. The same year A. Imeretinski was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. In 1879 he held the post of the Army and Guard Chief of Staff of Petersburg Military District. During 12 years, starting from 1878, he was the Military Prosecutor General and Head of Main Military Court of Russian Army. As of 1892 he was a member of Russian State Council. From January 1, 1897 A. Imeretinski had the position of the Commander of Russian troops stationed in Warsaw Military District and Governor-General of Warsaw.