Amashukeli Elguja

E. Amashukeli

Elguja Amashukeli (b. June 22, 1928, Tbilisi – d. March 10, 2002, Tbilisi) was a sculptor. He was People's Artist of Georgia (1978). In 1988, he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR. Amashukeli was a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts (1988), Chairman of the Board of the Union of Georgian Artists (since 1981).

He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1955 and was a student of Nikoloz Kandelaki. He had been participating in art exhibitions since 1954. Amashukeli's works are extremely diverse. Although his main focus was monumentalism, his easel sculptures were outstanding as well. Amashukeli's creations are characterized by relevance, impeccable sense of space and rhythm, monumentality, internal dynamics and sharp expression; He often used symbols and allegories. The list of Amashukeli's significant works: Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia) (wooden, 1958; aluminum, 1963, Tbilisi, Shota Rustaveli State Prize, 1965), monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali (1959, first prize at the Union competition, erected in 1967, bronze, Tbilisi), Glory Monument (1965, erected in 1967, bronze, Poti), Niko Pirosmanashvili (1974, bronze, Tbilisi), R. Eristavi (1974, bronze, Tbilisi), Victory Monuments (1979, Maltakva, bronze; Gori, bronze, USSR State Prize, 1986), Mother Tongue (Call of Knowledge, 1981-83, bronze, Tbilisi, Iakob Gogebashvili Award, 1984), The Tiger and the Knight (1985, bronze, Tbilisi), monuments of Memed Abashidze (1998, bronze, Tbilisi), Giorgi Leonidze (2000, bronze, Tbilisi, Mtatsminda Pantheon), Pharnavaz I (2000, bronze, Tbilisi), Ilia Chavchavadze (1987, bronze, Batumi), David IV (1995, bronze, Kutaisi) and others. Relief compositions: the relief of the portal of Tbilisi Metro station Rustaveli (1965), reliefs at the entrances of Tbilisi (1957–1958), the bas-relief 1500 years of Tbilisi (1958) and others. He is also the author of the book The Sixth Sense (Tbilisi, 1987).

Elguja Amashukeli has received state awards.

He is buried in the Didube Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures in Tbilisi.

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