Abashidze Davit (Dodo)

D. Abashidze 

Abashidze Davit (01.05.1924, Tbilisi – 25.01.1990, Tbilisi) was an actor and People’s Artist of Georgia (1967). In 1992, he was awarded (posthumously) the Shota Rustaveli State Prize.

In 1949 he graduated from Drama Faculty at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. From 1949 to 1956 he worked as an actor at Shota Rustaveli Theatre, where he performed different roles in more than 20 plays: Pepo (Pepo by G. Sundukian), Roler (The Robbers by F. Schiller), Giorgi (Otaraant Kvrivi [Otaraant Widow] by I. Chavchavadze), Godun (Razlom [The Fault] by B. Lavrenyov), etc. Since 1956, he was an actor at Georgian Film Studio. On screen, he played Bichiko (Chrichina [The Cricket], directed by S. Dolidze, L. Khotivari, 1954), Abdushahil (Bashi-Achuki, directed by L. Esakia, 1956), Ushangi (Me vitkvi simartles [I Will Tell the Truth], directed by L. Khotivari, 1957), Dghvira (Tetri Karavani [The White Caravan], directed by E. Shengelia, T. Meliava, 1963), Aluda (Khevisberi Balada [Ballad of the Elder of the Gorge], directed by Sh. Managadze, 1965), Omar Marghani (Matsi Khvitia, directed by G. Shengelia, 1966), Sosana (Didi Mtsvane Veli [A Large Green Field], directed by M. Kokochashvili, 1967), Bachua (Tariel Golua, directed by L. Khotivari, 1968), Tavadi (prince) Vakhvar (Ar Daidardo [Don’t Grieve], directed by G. Danelia, 1968), Mamamze Eristavi (Didostatis Marjvena [The Right Hand of the Grand Master], directed by K. Tabliashvili, D. Abashidze, 1969), Alexander (Sinatle Chvens Fanjarashi [Light in Our Window], directed by G. Mgeladze,1969), Guja (Mezoblebi [Neighbors], directed by R. Charkhalashvili, 1970), Niko (Rotsa Akvavda Nushi [When the Almond Trees Blossomed], directed by L. Ghoghoberidze, 1972), Pristav – head of police (Veris Ubnis Melodiebi [Melodies of Vera Quarter], directed by G. Shengelia, 1973), Nestor Kalandarishvili (Tshimbireli Papa [Siberian Grandfather], directed by G. Kalatozishvili, 1973), Yason (Pirveli Mertskhali [The First Swallow], directed by N. Mchedlidze, 1975; he received a Golden Tur award for the best male performance at the 4th Tehran International Film Festival in 1975), Irakli Razmadze (Sakme Gadaetsema Sasamartlos [The Case will be Given to Court], directed by G. Kvachadze, 1975), Doctor Gabriel (Mtsvervali [The Peak], directed by M. Kokochashvili, 1976), Varlam (Racha – Chemi Sikvaruli [Racha – My Love], directed by T. Falavandishvili, I. Medvedi), Seturi (Data Tutashkhia, directed by G. Lortkipanidze, G. Gabeskiria, both parts in 1977), Kvarkvare (Kavrkvare, directed by D. Abashidze, 1978), Simon (Kortsineba Imerulad [Imereti Style Wedding], directed by N. Nenova, G. Tsulaia, 1979), Paata Batonishvili (Tsigni Fitsisa [The Book of Oath], directed by G. Lortkipanidze, A. Darsavelidze, 1983), Giorgi (Fesvebi [Roots], K. Mgeladze, Shota Rustaveli Prize).

Together with director S. Parajanov he directed a film: Ambavi Suramis Tsikhisa [The Story of Surami Fortress] in 1984 (he performed the roles of Osman-aghasa and the Piper; this movie has received numerous awards at international film festivals in France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Netherlands) and Ashughi-Karibi (1988). The roles he performs in are characterized by their lyricism, kindness, directness and love of life. The actor gives vivid portrayals to dramatic, comedic or grotesque characters. He has received numerous state awards.

Literature: წერეთელი კ., დოდო აბაშიძე (რუს. და ქართ. ენებზე), თბ., 1976.

A. Gventsadze