Abich Otto Wilhelm Hermann

O. Abich

Abich Otto Wilhelm Hermann (1806-1886), German naturalist, geologist, researcher of the Caucasus. Academician of Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1853) and Honorary Academician (1866). He was born in Berlin. In 1836, he graduated from the Berlin University. In 1842–1847, he held the position of professor at the University of Dorpat (present-day Tartu). In 1844 he took interest in Mount Ararat volcano (1840) and departed to the Caucasus, where he settled in 1854 and lived until 1876. In 1844 he started geological research of the Caucasus and Northern Iran. He explored geological features of various Caucasian regions; Abich discovered and specified mineral resources (rock-salt, coal, manganese, petroleum, etc. including the manganese deposits in Chiatura). He is the author of scientific research works on Tbilisi thermal waters, physical geography of the Caucasus, orography, meteorology and climatology. O. Abich’s research works contributed to the buildup of orderly scientific theory regarding the Caucasian geology and natural phenomena as well as to developing mining engineering in the Caucasus. On the basis of his research he compiled a 3-volume work; Russian Geographic Society awarded its 1st and 2nd parts with the medal of St. Constantine (1883).

O. Abich died in Vienna, Austria. Buried in Koblenz, Germany.